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Welcome to Select Air Conditioning serving the Costa Blanca since 2004


We are a sucessful, established, Air Conditioning company in Spain since 2004 and based in Ciudad Quesada near Rojales, Torrevieja. We specialse in the repair,service and installation of units from most manufacturers.


We are now introducing additional control systems and monitors to prevent abuse with little manual control.


Our aim is to allow property owners to provide their guests with essential Air Conditioning when they need it but turning it off when they don't. The sensors quickly pay for themselves.


We operate throughout the Costa Blanca region including inland Spain where clients sometimes may lack choices.


We focus on our customers requirements and provide the best possible options with clear explanations and fully inclusive prices.


All our prices include installation and two year manufacturer warranty as standard.


We pride ourselves on our client support and believe this is what gives us our unique advantage with the majority of our work derived from personal recommendations..


Latest Offers available from Select Air Conditioning


We negotiate with all our suppliers on a regular basis to enable us to promote special offers. We take time to review what units offer the best value for money against quality and availability of technical backup. We tend to promote on quality rather than just well known names.


We are now suppliers of Ecosense movement monitors. These sensors are ideal for properties with guests as they automatically switch Air Conditioning units off if there is no one in the room. They can produce considerable savings without the hassle of coin or card meters.


Hot & Cold A++ Inverter units supplied and installed from €560. Includes Two year warranty


Air Conditioning Servicing from €35


Regular annual servicing allows your unit to run efficiently and enables us to detect possible problems before they become more serious.



Air Conditioning Split Inverter Systems from €560 fully installed.


Cheaper Sytems are available from suppliers such as Brico Depot and Carrefour but at this point in time we feel the savings don't give sufficient value for money. Again we regularly review the latest offers.


Ducted systems from €1700



We can install, service and fix all types units with the majority centreing around domestic Split systems but bars and restaurants are fitted all available from ourselves with Cassette and Ducted systems.


If you need assistance or advice then let us know.
















Why choose Select Air Conditioning? What makes us different from the rest?

We are an established company and believe we offer a competitive advantage by utilising the latest equipment and testing procedures to help minimise our costs and we think you will be unable to find a better genuine deal for any of our services elsewhere.


90% of our business is derived from recommendations and we ensure this by providing a complete service from start to finish. Our genuine aim is for complete customer satisfaction.

All our units have a minimum Two year guarantee and we give high priority to customer service and back up..


Universal Remote Controls are available from €25.

Installation only (from €190)


Sometimes you may have the opportunity to purchase a unit of your choice from a retailer or on-line via the internet,


We offer a basic installation package where you provide the unit and we install to your requirements.


All systems are installed to our high specifications. We fully vacuum test all pipe work to ensure there are no leaks and any moisture in the system has been fully removed prior to releasing the refrigerant.


Our prices can't be beaten considering the workmanship and amount of testing we do.


If you have any concerns of systems that have been installed for you previously by other companies, we will be glad to check out the installation.


Secondhand Unit installations (from €220)


Secondhand units may appear tempting and we do provide a service to install them.


However, there are procedures that need to be followed to decommission units correctly to preserve the gas within the unit. A regas will add to the price of an installation.


Prices are dependent on the original state of the unit and we would be pleased to offer advice



De-Comissoning a unit.(from €20)


There are times when a unit is required to be moved or taken down for any reason. There is a procedure to follow to pump down the gas back into the Outdoor unit without losing any. By just closing the taps, half the gas will be lost and would need to be replenished which is not a cheap option. We can completly remove the unit and make good any repairs caused by the original installation and return to install at a later date.




Service/ Maintenance Contracts


It is important to have your units serviced regularly to ensure they operate to their full potential. The main aim of servicing is to allow air-flow through both indoor and outdoor units.


Our Standard Service includes


Removal and clean of filters


Vacuum inside unit to remove loose dust/tobbaco smoke from Coil and Fan.


Interior unit sprayed with Degreaser.


Steam cleaned if necessary


Sprayed with Anti Bacteria solution


Drainage system flushed with mild bleach solution.


General overall clean of the inside unit.




Visual inspection of copper pipe work


Replace pipe insulation if required


Safety check of wiring between units and power supply


Check for Refrigerent leaks


Refrigerent level check (if required)


Final test to ensure unit switches over from Cool - Heat - Cool.




Air Conditioning advice and guidance available by contacting.


Office 966719362 Mark 647171531





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