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There are many choices available to you to fulfill your Air Conditioning needs and we would lik to give you some pointers to help in your choice.


Split Systems are the most common choice in Spain.


All new systems will be inverter models due to their improved efficiency over conventional units. Prices vary from

Difference between Inverters - Conventional.


An inverter model has variable control of the compressor and therfore is more efficient. A conventional fixed speed model compressor just switches on/off. They are similar to dimmer light switch over a conventional on/off.
























The main benefits an Inverter model has over conventional systems are :-


Efficiency saving


Quieter running


Reduced temperature fluctuations


Inverters are recommended for clients who live permanently in Spain and therefore use their system for the majority of the year.



































What size unit do I need?


This Graph is based on our Spanish Climate and should give you a basic idea for your unit size requirement. There are other variables to consider such as room shape, number of people and equipment within the room.


Please consider this as just a guide as we need to survey your home.


We have assumed a standard ceiling height of 2.7 metres. The size comparisons are highlighted in Btu's (British Thermal Units) as most manufacturers usually include these in their model numbers.



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