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Air Conditioning Controls - How to prevent abuse


Although Air Conditioning is essential during the summer months, it can sometimes be abused by your guests not being aware of the waste from leaving the units on while not in the property. It's not unusual for units to be left on all the time.


We have reviewed the many options available to try and recoup the cost, such as coin or card meters, but these require ongoing support to empty or replenish the cards. In addition, just pulling power to complicated Air Conditioning equipment can cause circuit board problems.


Our objective is to subtly control the use of Air Conditioning while allowing your guests to use it as they require.


Motion Sensors for Air Conditioning - Set and forget


Ecosense Sensors supplied and fitted on the Costa Blanca


A more acceptable answer could be sensors that highlight non movement and send a normal stop signal to the Air Conditioning unit, therefore will only operate while someone is in the room. The benefit is that once set up, owners can forget about it while the sensor continues to work without any further intervention.


We supply and install Ecosense movement sensors offering various levels of compatibility and sophistication. We stock all types and can go through your requirements before suggesting the appropriate sensor for you.


Ecosense 2000 (compatible with 85% of Air Conditioning Units) €90

The battery operated unit can be placed anywhre in the room and can be programmed for various time delay options together with a night setting to allow use overnight when little movement is detected.
















Ecosense 4000 (100% compatible with all Air Conditioning units) €180

These units are hard wired into the Air Con system and offer the same options as the Ecosense 2000 but with increased compatibility.


Ecosense 4000+ (100% compatible and includes a door/window sensor) €220

These units offer the same sophisication as the other models but can also detect when doors or windows are left open and will also stop the machine if this is the case. It's very likely that if your property has an outdoor seating area, the Air Conditioning will be left on with the doors open.


Ecosense 5000 Fully compatible with wall mounted controls used on Docted systems


Energy Monitors for Air Conditioning or Entire Properties


Similar to those supplied by energy companies in the UK, these units monitor power consumption in real time, daily, weekly and monthly basis. By monitoring a start/from price and then calculating the end price. Power used can be charged to your clients either in total or beyond an agreed limit. The easy to read display ensures everyone is aware of what power is being used and encourages using it sensibly. The monitor sensors can be installed to record whole house or individual Air Conditioning units.





















Unsure which unit is best for you or comaptible with your system?

By using our installers to fit, we carry all models to find the one right for you.

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